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barbed_whispers is gone. :(
We did actually hate each other -- but the same way that we've always hated each other, so it pretty much went entirely awesomely.
Let's see, what did we do... we definitely DIDN'T visit about twelve bookstores... yeah, definitely not... >.>
We played a lot of Mario Party with fluffymaru, we shopped at The Village, completely failed at PI... beat up on each other a lot. Heh.
We watched Buffy! How could we NOT when we met up for the first time? The Wish... and some Veronice Mars (ep 18 and the alterna prom). And TWO WHOLE SEASONS OF AVATAR, ahahahaha. Which was awesome.
I dunno, it was pretty amazing, and I admit it -- I was sad when she left today. Even if she IS a dirty rotten cheater! (♥)


Work! Okay so I went back into work tonight... it was SLOW AS SHIT, though. Like... wtf. I was actually done in girls before the store closed, so I went over to body wear to help out Nina, and was done with THAT about five minutes after we closed... went to the Infant Gondolas and got those done, and then we actually super-zoned most of softlines before heading over to food, where softlines and hardlines together did TEN FREAKIN' AISLES for them. Seriously, wtf. But we were still out by 10:30, so our store was pretty well DEAD tonight.

BUT. So work called me at 9:30 this morning and woke me up, right? I was actually pretty annoyed by it... and she was asking me if I could come in from 10-1 tomorrow for some meeting thing... and I was basically just like "YEP SURE BYE" and I rolled over and fell back asleep and didn't think about it... well, when I went into work tonight I ran into Michael, and he apologized for not realizing that I worked tonight and blah blah, and THEN he tells me that tomorrow is a mini-orientation for a new team that he's creating and wants me in on.

I don't know a lot of details yet, since obviously I haven't been to the thing tomorrow (heh) but it's basically an out-of-stock and research team, from what he told me... five days a week, 40 hours, WOOHOOO! And it's all mornings (7-330) so that's pretty awesome, toooo. I'm excited! :D And I'm SO GLAD that I moved to the sales floor when I did, because I don't think he would have grabbed me for his team otherwise, heh. But yes. eee!

I think that's basically it from me. :D
Tags: crack!, friends: lisa, good times, tamagotchi, who wants to be ordinary?, work
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