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It's good to know that something said on this journal can travel so quickly.

And that I'm still good at getting insulted by people that I don't even know.

And that people can delete me off of their friends list, but still manage to give a shit about what I have to say. :D

Really, whoever the hell those people are can say anything they want to say, but the main reaction I'm having here? Is that amusement. But then, idiots are pretty entertaining, aren't they?
Hey, whatever they want to say -- at least I know I'm not a coward who hides behind friends locked posts for things like this. :)

Ah well, the good news is that I can wash my hands of at least some of the stupidity in my life, which is a welcome relief since it was only a matter of time anyway, and it's much nicer to be done with it NOW.

On THAT note, at least *I* can say that I haven't driven away every friend I had within a 100 mile radius of me. :D
Tags: dumbasses, good times
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