Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

So... JACON was this weekend. It was... interesting. heh.

I had to work on Thursday AND Friday, which sucked, but what can you do, right? (At least I didn't have to work Saturday, which they originally wanted me to do. Uh, no.)

Saw Spiderman 3 on Thursday midnight showing... didn't like it. It had moments, but overall I was very blah about it, which made me sad.

After the shittiest day at work EVER (not really, but still) on Friday I got down to the con... Cosplay Court went pretty well, I think. Not our fault there were like no entries, anyway, and props to Cassie and Amanda for running it by themselves.

The Animusical I couldn't sit through all of, unfortunately. :( So yeah, that was really sucky. I did get to see the Moulin Rouge number, though, which I enjoyed quite a bit! And I guess I'll find the rest of it on YouTube in no time... as Nicole says, though, it's not the same.

The PJ Party ran pretty smoothly, for the most part... except for a couple of rude people, but... whatever. I ♥ Nicole and I think the large majority of people enjoyed it. The room did feel awfully small, though... no idea what's going to be done about that. Guess it all depends. Anyway, I didn't love the event or anything (haven't the past two years, unfortunately) but overall I think it went okay.

Saturday... heh. Yeah. Saturday. I got pretty upset a couple times on Saturday, and pretty much just tried to ignore and push through those moments. Anyway, the costume contest ran really well, and the casino did well, too, so that's good. I really enjoyed the manga masquerade for the little bit of time that I stepped in there, though... Amanda and I had a good time dancing there for a bit. :D

Sunday I had a LOT of fun with the Wii Tennis Competition, actually. Even though I got knocked out in the first round (yeah, I suck, whatever) it was fun to cheer for people and just watch it, and the antics were pretty funny, too. So WOO!

So... yeah. I don't really think I have anything else to say about the convention here. If you were there, I hope you enjoyed it, if you weren't... overall I really do think we had a good year this year, so you missed out. :P
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