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So, I read Twilight. Because of or despite the fact that everyone seems obsessed with it? I dunno.

I... don't know. I don't really see what the big deal is? I guess I expected it to be better, the way everyone is fawning over this book right now. I mean, I liked it well enough, and it was a quick and easy read, but... meh.

It was just kind of boring in parts, and Edward isn't the type of character I take to. Neither is Bella for that matter, though I usually take to guys more anyway, but not always, so.

So I don't know. I know a lot of people on my flist are loving on it right now, but I just... felt kind of let down by it, I guess. I still might read New Moon, because it wasn't like it was bad, and parts of it were really good, just overall it was kind of... predictable? I think I would have liked it a lot more if I cared about either of the main characters more, but since neither of them latched onto me I don't really have anything invested in the story, if that makes sense.

Anyway. I don't know what I'm reading next. Maybe Alanna, finally, Lis? I bought the first one a while ago...

ETA: I would suggest Morganville Vampires to anyone, though, because imho, it's a much better read. Glass Houses is the first book, by Rachel Caine. They're hard to find, but they're in print so ordering them offline is easy. :)
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