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So I have several things to post about, but this is clearly the most important.

Okay, at work there's all kinds of different types of pulls that have to be worked to the floor... I won't go into what all of them are, but there's MPG pulls, which are basically for aisles that are in transition, where everything is flexed around and there can't be any holes, and that's part of the job of the team I'm on. So the backroom puts clips on all the pulls, to distinguish them from each other... and I don't like to forget and leave the clips on the tub, so I have this habit of clipping them to the hem of my shirt so I remember to put them away.

Today, I forgot to take an MPG clip off of my shirt, and Rosanne decided to make fun of me.

Rosanne: So you're MPG now, huh?
Me: That's right. You can flex me anywhere.
Rosanne: . . . ::dies laughing::
Me: ::thinks about it for a second, realizes what I said:: ...oh, shit.
Rosanne: ::just keeps laughing::

Yeah, it was pretty good.
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