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[posting as I watch, with barbed_whispers aha]

Ashley: It's the fucking series finale. Shouldn't it be more interesting?
Lisa: They should have just showed season 1 over again. Been like fuck it, we're done.

Okay, it's kind of cool that they're flying a plane on the beach, like the first episode. Aww, Wallace.

Lisa: They couldn't have ripped off another show instead of their own show? They've only had three seasons!

Logan gets a look on his face?
Lisa: Oh, no. What's his new stupid idea?

wtf, doggie door? dumb.

Okay. That? was a SHITTY way to end the series. Just... shitty.

Lisa: Veronica Mars can't fire me as a fan because I quit! I'm done.

I honestly don't have more thoughts to offer, based on how fucking lame that was.
(At least my icon is still true.)

And one last Lisa quote to close out the night:
Lisa: There was duck rape in my backyard!
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