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I got my raise today at work, FINALLY. And they're retro-ing me the last three weeks. You know. Since the time I was supposed to have it.
(It still really, really pisses me off that they apparently just completely forgot to score me altogether. ESPECIALLY SINCE THE HR WAS MY LONGEST-RUNNING DIRECT ETL LAST YEAR, WHICH MEANS SHE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. Seriously, wtf is that shit? What's especially annoying is that I could really use that extra money from the raise this week, but I have to wait for my next check. wtfever. At least it's done.)

Also, I have an interview at Disney next Wednesday. I am kind of excited! Here's hoping I can work something out with my current schedule and all that. ::shrugs:: If not, then I'm happy with myself just for looking into it.
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