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Order of the Phoenix

First of all. The Golden Compass trailer?
barbed_whispers and I had like, a fit, when it came on the screen. omg SO EXCITED. vbsdfjkvm nvjksdfnv

Okay. The movie.

On the whole, I liked the movie, I think. I have a lot of nit-picks, of course, especially since I just finished rereading OotP, but... yeah. Most of it I can overlook and see a pretty good movie, I think.

Okay, but I hate that we didn't get more of a Harry reaction post-Sirius dying. Like... what? We didn't get grieving at all, really, which means we aren't really going to, since it's not going to be in HBP. murr.

I loved Luna. LovedlovedLOVED Luna. Like. vbdfjk. LUNA.
And Neville. Oh god, Neville. So. Fucking. Awesome.

I don't really mind them cutting the Neville scene at St. Mungo's, since I can understand where they're coming from with that I think, but I'm glad that the infortmation about his parents was still included in the movie, one way or the other. Oh, Neville.

I can't believe that fucking cuntwhoreBITCH Bellatrix actually avada kedavra'd Sirius. The killing curse! This means he is well and truly dead. D: Not nearly as vaguely so in the books. D: I mean, JKR wouldn't have let them do it if he wasn't actually well and truly dead, and I believe that, but... but! Siiigh.

...Sirius calling Harry James. Oh god, my heart.

And the Sirius/Remus! At the Order meeting! Man they were ALL UP ON EACH OTHER, weren't they? Awesome times.

Even though I still hate Thewlis as Lupin, a lot, I liked Gary Oldman even more in this movie than I have. He still doesn't look quite right as Sirius for me, but he acts him very well. Well done. ::thumbs up::

My biggest problem with the movie, really, is that it felt very choppy and disjointed. Like, they kept all of the right things, and cut all of the right things, for the most part... but they put it all together very oddly, or something. Like, okay here's the trial, okay here's Umbridge check out how bad she is!, okay here's the DA, okay here's the Dept. of Mysteries. And here's the end! And it didn't seem to go together as well as it could have.

I liked the Dept. of Mysteries stuff, though, except that I thought it could have been longer. But the special effects were awesome, the dueling stuff was awesome, and I really liked the way that they portrayed the archway, and the veil.

On that note, though, I didn't like the Voldemort vs. Dumbledore scene at all. Especially after seeing what they did with the Dept. of Mysteries, it just wasn't big enough. There wasn't enough tension, there wasn't enough anything. It just fell flat to me, because honestly, it's an amazing scene in the book, and the movie didn't even come close, whereas it did really well for pretty much everything else, visually. Also, Dumbledore looked scared to me, which just doesn't fit his character at all, so that was pretty lame, too.

Voldemort possessing Harry, though -- that looked awesome. Even though Harry 'pitying' Voldemort is kind of not right at all, but... whatever.

I have so many more thoughts about what I liked (thestrals!) and what I didn't like (random Ministry decrees that weren't needed, wtf) but... I think I've hit on all the stuff I wanted to try and remember to say? I think?

Overall I did like the movie, though I have to admit I'm a little nervous to see it for a second time around. heh.
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