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So I finished at like eight this morning, and then had to seriously crash. I need to reread it, and fandom hasn't exploded yet quite as much as I might have thought (unless I'm just entirely missing it) and... yeah. But, some thoughts, that might be a bit jumpy.

I hate, hate, hate the epilogue. I really think the book would have benefited so much more if it had just not existed. Everyone could clearly see that Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione was going to happen, that the wizarding world was safe, whatever, did we really need that completely crappy epilogue? Really?

And Albus Severus?! Really, JKR? I'm sorry, I buy (and expected) that Snape would turn out to be a good guy, that he had killed Dumbledore because he'd been asked to, and whatever. I buy that Harry now believes this, I buy that he did, finally, have to admit that Snape was indeed working for the Order the entire time. I do not, however, buy that Harry forgave Snape so thoroughly for everything that happened to name a son after him, even just a middle name. So Snape was for the Order the whole time after all; so what? Does that mean he was less of a douchebag the entire time Harry was at Hogwarts? Whatever.

And where was Sirius in all of Harry's childrens names?! Ughhhhh.

However, at least there wasn't nearly as much Snape in this book as there could have been...

While I had expected Remus to die (woe) I did not expect that we wouldn't even be able to see him die. What a load of bullshit, that was.

Fred. D:

I... wow, I'm seriously trying to think what I want to mention here. Dumbledore is still a douchebag, more than ever, really. The Deathly Hallows were interesting, but... I don't know. I don't like the fact that Voldemort was apparently going to spare Lily just because Snape asked him, too, that seems pretty fucking pussy like to me, honestly. And I love Voldemort, he's not a pussy, so whatever.

Neville. Oh, good lord, I love that boy so much. Like... ::flails::

I... am absolutely positive that I have more to say that I'm forgetting to put in here right now. But honestly, I'm still thinking through parts of the book. Overall, I really think I liked it -- except for that damn epilogue, which I seriously just hate.

I'm not as upset about that being the end as I thought I would be, though.
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