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So, after spending a day thinking about, and reading about, and talking about Deathly Hallows, I've decided that I have some more things that I want to say about it.

Mostly that, since this didn't really get conveyed in my last post at all, I loved this book. It's in my top three -- Prisoner, Order, and Hallows. Possibly in that order, though DH might be over OotP, I'd have to think about that some more. (PoA is still my top, though; although from a fannish perspective, nothing will ever come close to OotP, but that's a different story.)

This was the first time, in all of the books, that I really ever loved Harry. I've never been a Harry hater, and I've always liked him, but I've never loved him before. But when he was digging Dobby's grave, and then when he was getting ready to go into the forest and die? Those two scenes especially, I really just loved him.

I didn't really care about Dobby dying, but the reactions of the characters at his death were extremely nice. Luna's words, especially. How much do I love that girl? She's really just amazing, and I'm really glad that she lived. Really glad.

Words cannot possibly express how much I adore Neville. And his Gran, for that matter. Longbottoms FTW!!
Just. Oh, Neville.

I ended at a good place with Snape. He won't ever be one of my favorite characters or anything, but I feel like everything with him tied together well, and that his whole storyline went nicely and made sense. The whole Snape/Lily thing could have been handled so badly, but honestly I think she did it well, and the whole series of his memories is one of my favorite parts of the book. It just worked really well for me. I know there's been some people who hated it, or thought it didn't work, but I really feel like it makes sense not just in this book, or in the last few, but thinking about the series as a whole it makes sense to me.
I actually felt kind of bad for him when he died, though. wtf.

I still think Dumbledore is a douche, and I think I will always think that he's a douche, but at least he sort of admitted that he's a douche. And I would be lying if I said that learning his history wasn't interesting, because I did think it was. And, hey, his brother thinks that he's an asshole! Awesome. I need an "Aberforth Rocks" icon, or something along those lines.

(Speaking of icons, I have new ones that I want to upload, but I don't want to risk spoiling my flist, WOE.)

I love the fact that the Malfoys very clearly loved their son. I really, really do. They aren't good people, they've done horrible things, they don't really deserve forgiveness -- but they love their son, and they had a good family, which is... just nice to see.

I loved the bit with Regulus and Kreacher, too. It was pretty close to a lot of fannish speculation, but different enough -- the fact that Regulus drank the potion himself? Yeah. Just. Love. ♥

McGonagall continues to rock hardcore. Seriously, you guys. That woman.

How is Hagrid NOT DEAD?! What a fucking tease. He was almost dead multiple times! I kept getting excited! I mean, okay, death by spiders, really fucking terrifying, and I've avoided giving myself a mental image because EW, but it COULD HAVE HAPPENED. And then it didn't. Why not?! ::cries::

I really thought that Neville was a goner with the Sorting Hat, though. And that freaked me out, I was like, WTF NO NOT ALLOWED. But then he didn't, and all was right with the world. Oh, Neville. Seriously, every single moment that he was in this book was like a perfect moment for me. Leading the DA?! ::flails::

It will be interesting to see how they do all of the stuff with the Room of Requirement in the next two movies, though, considering how it seems to work in the books and how they just broke into it in the movie...

Man. I know I'm still forgetting to put stuff down that I want to say... and I'm just having trouble thinking of what all of it is. o.O

Mostly, though, other than the epilogue, I really do love this book. I just never have to read the epilogue again. ;)

I think I want to start to reread it today, though. heh.
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