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Today was apparantly an excellent day to go back to work! We spent two hours in the freezers, updating counts on every single item. There were five of us there from our team today, and we got one aisle done. ONE. it's really pretty ridiculous and I don't understand why we're wasting time, since between all of us we found MAYBE five-seven items that were drastic changes. It's not as bad as they think it is over there.

Anyway, that was fun. So was doing research in shoes, and the softlines visit from the bigwigs, and having to superzone cosmetics, and the CART full of freaking SOCKS.

Yeah. I missed work. ::dies::

Of course, that sounds quite bitchy, and actually, it wasn't that bad of a day. It just wasn't a usual Thursday in the least. I'm in a pretty good mood, though, so whatever. :)

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