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Random TV babbling

You know what's aggravating? When I'm watching an episode of Heroes (finally catching up!) and the file decides to be a douche and refuse to play anymore five minutes before the ep is over. So now I have to go find a different download for it, and yeah, ANNOYING.

Also, I've been trying to decide whether or not I should watch ahead in Avatar. I've got through episode 3x09 sitting on my comp, but if I watch it and there's a cliffhanger or anything like that then I've got almost a month before seeing a new ep, since these aired early in the UK or something...
So let's go with the easy way to decide this, shall we? POLL TIME.

Should I watch ahead in Avatar?


See how I like to get you guys to make my decisions for me? ;)

I'm going to see my mom later tonight. I'm kind of excited about it... I haven't seen her in a while. I am such a mommy girl. ::dies::
Tags: family, poll, tv: avatar, tv: heroes

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