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I have been having too much fun reading bad_rpers_suck the past couple of days. Oh, rp drama nonsense. heh.
(Though sometimes I miss rping in an actual, active, large game. Go figure.)

Work was sort of insane today. Day before Halloween nonsense and everyone wanting candy or whatever.

Dear People:

If you do not have your costume yet, pls to not be going to Target. We have nothing left. You are screwed.


HOWEVER, one of the funniest things ever happened at work today.
So, I was standing up at the desk waiting to clock back in from lunch, and N is directing this guy into the breakroom to wait for someone to come and do his interview. So he starts to walk in that direction, N turns away for a minute, and then goes "Wow, that guy was really cute" -- only to realize two seconds later that he had walked BACK out to ask a question.
WE ALL DIED LAUGHING. Oh, it was great. She was just like... "Right, I'm going to go hide for a million years" hahaha. Oh, timing. ::dies::

pee ess: music coming up soon, it's currently uploading. :)
Tags: amusing, rp, work

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