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Wizard Rock Day!

So, thanks to theemdash, I am celebrating Wizard Rock Day! I am not as familiar with Wizard Rock, but regardless, I love it. :)

For the record, my top ten favorite songs are mostly the songs that amuse me the most. And that could change in the next five seconds. Regardless, here's ten Wizard Rock songs I think you should all listen to, in no particular order:

1. The Passion - Lord of the Strings
My name is Voldemort, and I'm a superstar

2. Voldemort is Awesome - Draco and the Malfoys
and now those jerks are worried that you're coming back, yeah / they're afraid that you will attack, yeah / and I know you will totally unmercifully destroy all non-believers

3. Expecto Partonum - Remus and the Lupins
it starts with an 'E', stands for 'Evil, go Away!' / then an 'X' and a 'P' for puppies, they fight when they play! / then an 'E' and a 'C' and a 'T-O' for 'Oh my, this is easy!'

4. Alone on Valentines Day - The Remus Lupins
your silver bullet tongue is what did my heart in

5. Wizard Rock Heartthrob - The Whomping Willows
everyone knows that wizard rock girls are the prettiest girls in the whole wide world

6. Accio Love - Ministry of Magic
he smiles when she's not looking / he daydreams when she's not there / it won't be long 'til they discover / Ron and Hermione love each other

7. Krum's Song - The Hermione Crookshanks Experience
I don't want to be troublesome / but I can't love you Viktor Krum / there's nothing in your cranium

8. I Have Red Hair - Ginny and the Heartbreakers
I hold my head up high and I say beware / my name is Ginny / I have red hair

9. Pansy (You Are The Girl Of My Dreams) - Draco and the Malfoys
oh, Pansy / you are the girl of my dreams / 'cause all the other girls in Slytherin are fugly!

10. End of the Year Feast - DJ Luna Lovegood
and if I had my things / it wouldn't matter at all / I'd be sitting all alone in the Great Hall

I don't think it really counts as Wizard Rock, but if you haven't heard this song then you MUST, because it is possibly my favorite song in the entire UNIVERSE. And yes, I can sing the whole thing acapella. And yes, I do that occasionally. What can I say? I LOVE IT.
Tony Goldmark - Sirius Black Rap
Professor, Potter's not letting me represent for the Dark Side! / Potter, let Malfoy kick it old school or it's detention
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