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I have read more of Fables. I am really liking it. A lot. I kind of want icons, but I'm afraid to go looking since I'm still not nearly caught up on the series... also, it's going to suck when I am caught up, since I'm going to have to start waiting for them. Boo. :(
And I want THIS, so very badly. Why does it have to be so much money?! D: (Also, who thinks I am likely to be able to find it anywhere now? Bueller? Bueller?) This one comes out in December, but I don't like it as well (mostly a character thing), and also, still a lot of money. BOOO.

Dude, the Big Bad Wolf and Snow White hooking up? awesome. I just totally love that. Possibly because I actually like Snow White in this -- go figure, considering she's probably my least favorite of the Princesses in general -- and Bigby (the Wolf) is my favorite character, easy.
And man. How much do I love him? I don't know how this happened to me, honest.

There was totally some slash potential going on between Shere Khan and Bagheera, too. Too bad the tiger bit the dust... not that he didn't deserve it. Oh well. It probably would have disturbed me if it was more than that one page, anyway. XD

Has anyone on the good ol' flist read Runaways? I've heard good things, and I know Joss is (or will be? or something) writing for later issues of it. I bought the first trade, but I haven't read it yet and I'm curious if any of you know anything.
While I'm on that subject, who the hell decided that it would be good to put Runaways out in MANGA-SIZED TRADES?! Screw that, it is NOT manga, and you are RE-SIZING MY COMICS. Maybe it's dumb, but that bugs me. Oh, or I could pay more money and get a HARDCOVER trade that is GARGANTUAN and would be a pain in my butt to read. Sure, it might be nice if I was in love with the series already and wanted it for collector's value, but I don't want to read it, and especially not for the first time. Grr.
(I bitch, but I bought the manga-sized trade anyway. Sigh.)

I also just read the latest Anita Blake comic book.

I just don't like the Anita Blake comics. I just don't. The art, which seems nice enough at first, just bugs me. Edward doesn't look like Edward to me at all, and also, the flamethrower stuff could have been a lot cooler. Unfortunately, no. I mean, it was cool, but just... sigh. I don't know what I was expecting.
The stuff with Manny, though... poor Manny. I like him. Also, he is way more badass than Anita, in his own way.
Now if only the artist didn't totally hate Zerbrowski...
In other words: suck.

They advertised the next issue of the Guilty Pleasures comic being out in January. Who thinks that'll actually happen? Yeah. Thought so.

I think I need to stay away from the comic book store for a while, though. O.O
(Not that it'll happen. I'm going to be needing more Fables badly here soon...)

And in non-comic book ramblings... actually, no, I think that's it, since I haven't watched the latest Pushing Daisies ep, and I don't want to talk about Heroes for fear of accidently spoiling barbed_whispers, heh.

How are all of you? I feel very disconnected from most of my flist right now. Anyone still reading this nonsense? Anything interesting going on in your lives out there? Do share. I am curious. :)
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