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Is training always so boring? haha. I went in today and just sat myself down in front of a computer to watch webinars on how the computer system at Massage Envy works, basically. I have a packet that I have to complete now that I'm home as well (that I am getting paid for, so woo) and... it's just a lot of information. o.o

The good thing, though, is that the computer system doesn't look hard, so much as there's a lot in it, if that makes sense. Most of it is your basic point-and-click, though, so I'm not concerned. It'll be more about learning the quickest ways to access each of the features, I think.

I should get my schedule from them tomorrow, too.

I need a new work icon now, haha. The Target one is going to be defunct soon. :P
Tags: nablopomo, work

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