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cbbcksvsjdk today is such a good day. Like... the training went awesome today. The first half of our day was sales training, and then we had an hour lunch break, and then another four hours on computer training. The computer stuff is so very detailed, but it's not at all complicated, I don't think. Just a lot to remember. :)

Everyone that I'll be working with seems so nice, though. Plus, I get to work with Diane again! And Nina still! If only Cathy worked there, too... hahaha. But it's just so nice in there, and like... I don't know. haha, it sounds stupid, because I've only done some training and all, but I already feel better than I have at Target since... probably since I left the Clerical desk. Which is just sad, and it's almost entirely mental I know, but it's so true, too. I'm happy. :)

And I pick up imthelobster from the airport tonight!! Which is exciting. :D
(Don't worry elleren... I'm sure we'll forget to call you. ;) hee)

Also? Random shout out to abbiemills and frelianprincess, who made last night into total and complete crack. :D
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