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I should probably take the time between my two shifts to post for today, heh.

I think I actually feel like posting today, too, which, whoa...

Poor Randy. I saw him today for the first time since I put in my two weeks, and he was like, THAT'S THE LAST TIME I GIVE SOMEONE A GOOD REFERENCE. And then I told him it wasn't even the job that had called for a reference? And he informed me that it didn't make him feel better, and that it wasn't fair that I wasn't at least staying until Black Friday. heh. Oops? Seriously, though, he was cool about it. I mean, it is a better job for me, which he totally understands, and he wished me luck and such. I do feel bad for him, though... he's been a really good boss.

Actually, mostly everyone's been cool about it. Except for Michael, who hasn't really said anything to me since I put in the notice, which... kind of sucks, since he and I have always gotten along well, but also isn't entirely unexpected. Oh well.

I've been sort of wanting to make some sort of change lately. I haven't figured out exactly what that change might be, though...

I just. Even with getting the new job and all, I feel like I have been stuck in a sort of rut, as a person, and I want to change it. Not like... become a whole new person or whatever sort of change, because I pretty much like who I am at the moment, but I... heh, I don't know how to explain my thought process at all. Whatever, if I figure it out I'm sure I'll post about it again, but mostly I'm just... thinking, I guess.

So I didn't realize/think about it until today, when it mattered, but I'm totally going to be working Thursday nights now. :( That means no more spn nights for me, which sucks, since it was the only show I actually watched as it was airing. I'll still download it and whatever, but that still sucks. Oh well.

I am behind on both Pushing Daisies and Heroes. Blegh.

OH PEE ESS: COVER ART FOR FEAST OF FOOLS!!! You can see it here. Mmm.
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