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Okay. This is sort of random, but I've been thinking about my Top 5, and it has changed (a lot) recently, so I... am going to attempt to list my top five now. Lord help me.

This isn't in any particular order, though. The top five don't have to be ranked within the top five. It's like... a rule.

1. Tarrant
2. George
3. ...yeah, I admit it, Quinn.
4. Subaru and Seishirou (they have to be listed together, I don't care)
5. Lewis

I think? bvdjskvbjksd I don't even know, THAT IS SO HARD. There's other characters I feel like should be in there, but like... I don't knoooooow. Like... Fai! But who would I kick OUT for him? (well. Maybe Quinn? BCJKJFFJKBHJFGJK SEE THIS IS MY PROBLEM.)

And it's sort of fucked up that Lucivar isn't up there...

This is making my brain hurt. >:|
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