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Yesterday was pretty good, overall. Did the dinner thing at my dads place, went to see my mom for a little bit... and then barbed_whispers and I went over to Clay's place (with only one minor detour on the way... heh) and hung out there for a while. I love that boy. Nothing exciting, overall, but hey. It's not always about excitement, right?

I hope everyone else had a nice Turkey Day, too. :)

Also: I am going to try and send out cards this year for the holidays. I haven't always been good at actually doing so, but... I would like to try. SO, if you'd like a card from me, please leave me your address! Comments are screened. And if you don't like leaving your address in a comment, even with screening, then you can also feel free to email it to me: bravexcrazy AT gmail DOT com.

Tags: holiday, nablopomo

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