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Went to Very Merry last night at the Magic Kingdom! :D It was awesome, of course. barbed_whispers had never been to Magic Kingdom before, either, so that was pretty fun.

We kept breaking the rides, though, apparently. As we got in line for Haunted Mansion the first time it broke down and they shut it down entirely for a while -- took everyone out of line and everything. And then on Small World we got briefly stuck -- and, oh god, I don't think there's a worse ride to get stuck on in Disney. I hate that ride so much, but fluffymaru insists that it's a must for people who have never been to Disney before. (I think she's out of her mind, but whatever.)

And then when we went back to Haunted Mansion and actually got on it, it stopped partway through the ride for a few minutes -- in the graveyard. That was okay, though, because barbed_whispers and I had a dance party to keep the ghosts away, hahaha. Also, I'm pretty sure she was drunk. And I really hope that there were security cameras on us, because if there were and anyone was watching us they were probably making fun of us so bad, heh.

A couple other things to note:
I haven't gotten as wet as I did last night on Splash Mountain in years, I don't think. Seriously. Soaked.
I am relatively certain that Space Mountain is hurting more as I get older, but I still love it a lot.
And Peter Pan's Flight still fills me with a lot of childhood squee and happiness, and I know I shouldn't love that ride nearly as much as I do, because it's kind of boring if you think about it, but oh man I love it so hard.

Also, the free hot cocoa they were giving out was really good.

Aaaand, that's it from me!
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