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First off, I'm in the middle of watching season 2, so. haha, that's why I'm babbling about old seasons!

I really loved Andrae. :( So I was sad to see him go, although I don't really disagree with the dress that sent him home, unfortunately.

Whatever, I think I'll just be grateful that there's no Wendy Pepper this season, because WOW did I hate that bitch like crazy.

But, omg. ooooomg, how cute is Daniel? I love him so much. Like... crazy. I think I'm rooting for him to win the whole thing, AND NO ONE TELL ME IF HE DOES OR NOT, dammit, I only have a dew eps left. haha.

(and then on to season 3!)

In Project Runway: Canada news:
I hate Biddell so much. SO MUCH. Can he please just go the fuck home now? Fucking cocky asshole bastard. >:|

I have a strange love for Stephen, though, even though he... is not a great designer. Also, I'm over Shernett at this point, despite her being one of my early favorites. I definitely thought Kendra was better than her, by the end, but... oh well, I guess.

I just hope Marie Genvieve and Lucian make it to the final three, and that the third person ISN'T Biddell. Heh.

...I'll go off to watch 1x09 now, and then finish this. :D

okay, why do they love Biddell so much? His outfit was... wow, hideous. vjsdfkvnkjsnklv. fuck that.

Although I bet this means Biddell is going to be in the top three. sigh.
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