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Okay. This isn't poll day, but I'm going to poll anyway, for it is VERY IMPORTANT.
I have two options for the last weekend in January: FX or Las Vegas.
The biggest pro for FX is that NATHAN FILLION IS GOING TO BE THERE. Which is just... I can't even.
The biggest pro for Las Vegas is that it would be totally and completely free for me.
The biggest CON for Las Vegas is that it would mean missing Ingrid's concert... which I already have a ticket to, and which is going to rock beyond the point of comprehension. AND Pin Trading Night, for that matter.
Also, even though I COULD go to Las Vegas again with the 'rents, this is pretty much my only possibility that I know of to go and participate in a Slot Tournament... (FOR FREE!)

And yet, still, I need a poll. I can't decide things for myself.

Poll #1115056 Make my decisions for me, please...

Which should I do on Jan 25-27?

Las Vegas
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