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It's Random Writing Day! And I'm going to share fic with you that the majority of my friends list can't read... hahaha.

ETA: The cover of Gale Force is out, and I am excited. :D

Title: you lean into me 'cause you know that you can
Fandom: Weather Warden [spoilers through Thin Air!!]
Rating: PG
Pairing: Lewis/Jo kinda, and it mentions David/Jo
Beta: It was beta'd briefly by barbed_whispers for me, because she is awesome. sometimes.

It was bad enough just knowing that Jo was gone, or that Jo as he knew her was gone, but having this new Jo around was almost like torture. At least before they'd both been trying to keep away from each other, with a decent success rate. Now, though... It had taken everything in him not to do something when she'd come to watch him at the spring. It was impossible for him not to be aware of her, and he'd wanted so badly to give her what he knew she was wanting.

He wanted to survive, too. And more than anything, he didn't want to take advantage of her.

But when Jo turns to him in the tent, afraid and alone, he can't turn her away. He could keep them from losing control, from doing anything they would regret later -- but he can't force her back into her own sleeping bag when she both needs and wants comfort.

His arms go around her as he holds her close to his chest, feeling her relaxing against him, little by little. They're so close, and he can't help but be effected by it; so he closes his eyes, wishing that proximity didn't change anything.

It's only when he feels her stirring, when he feels the light press of lips against his jaw, that he has to move, to pull back from her. "Jo... Jo, we can't."

"Why not?" she asks, and she even sounds like the Jo he remembers, even if she remembers nothing. "If this is about David, I don't even know the guy, and..."

He cuts her off. "It's not about David." Actually, it is, and it has to be, but that line of defense isn't working, and he has to do something. Besides which, no matter how much he wants it, being with Jo now would be too much like taking advantage of her, and he couldn't risk her hating him when she regained her memories.

So his mind works frantically as he tries to think of something. And then finally, it comes to him: "Jo, we're... siblings." It sounds crazy, even as he says it, but something about it clicks in his brain and he feeds it to her anyway. "We didn't know, not until... after, but... don't you see? It's wrong."

And it is. It really is, even if it's not at all for the reason he's telling her.
Tags: blog 365, fic: weather warden
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