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For the record? I didn't post yesterday. I honestly thought that I had, but I guess I was wrong. So I guess that's it for Blog 365.


I'm kind of relieved.

(I still want to do your challenges, though, theemdash. Haha, mostly because I'm crazy, I think.)

Also, Chellsea comes in to work yesterday, right? She quit a little while back, and she was coming in to pick up her last paycheck. So she comes in, and she gets her check, looks at it, and is like, "I need to talk to Jon. Right now."

So she goes to talk to Jon, and she's all pissed, and then she leaves the office and walks out in a huff... apparently? She had over 40 hours on her paycheck, and wanted to know why she didn't have overtime... and could not, for the life of her, understand that it was a two week pay period, and that she hadn't worked over 40 hours in any single week.

I find it amusing, anyway.

There are other, less amusing stories from work for today, but since those are more anger-inducing than amusing, I think I'll leave it alone.
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