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In case it weren't obvious? I'm loving the Kel books... a lot. I need a Kel icon now... ::eyes barbed_whispers::

And man. RAOUL. Like... he just got so awesome. Wow.

      Raoul grinned. "The day you can best Wyldon is the day they put a statue to you in front of the palace. He's strong, he's fast, he's got powerful horses, and he always knows exactly where to hit," he said. "The last fall I got from any man was from him, ten years ago."
      "You've beaten him since?" Kel asked, thinking he might share his secret.
      "Mithros, no--I just don't joust with him anymore. I have my pride," Raoul said.
            - Squire, Tamora Pierce

Like... seriously. How much do I love him?!
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