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HOKAY, it's that time, kids. That time for me to finally share some of my Vegas photos, yeah? Yeah.

From the plane... obviously. I just loved how the split between the clouds and the sky was such an even line... thought it was neat.

I don't know how well you can really tell, but this is the Hoover Dam, when we were flying over it... I don't really get why everyone I went with wanted to go see a dam, since it seems boring, but there it is, haha. Good enough for me.

Vegas! Even the airport has neons!

Another from the airport... just thought it was neat.

Your typical touristy shot...

A couple of churches where barbed_whispers and I have discussed getting married, lol.

According to my dad, this is Vegas Jim and his girlfriend Sassy Sally... or something, I dunno.

The hotel where we stayed!

A shot down Fremont Street... see the overhang above? That's where they do the light show every hour or so...

...and that's a shot of part of the light show! It's weird how everything else goes dark, heh.

We went to this dumpy place out on the Strip called Slots A' Fun to get some coin or something that my parents wanted...

...and they still put out coins when you cash out! WTF. It was not especially pleasant, even if it amused everyone when I was so shocked by it, heh. I definitely prefer the ticket in/ticket out, though... sooo much easier.

We also went out to Sam's Town which, as you can see, is gorgeous. That's the inside of the hotel right there, too.

Sam's Town again... part of the outside this time. Loved it.

On the way back to our hotel from Sam's Town, my dad got us lost... and we ended up in Ghetto Fabulous Las Vegas! Hooray?

Now on to important things... gambling! This hand? Won me 200 bucks. I was very pleased.

Very pleased.

But the machines can be mean, too... both of those hurt a little, I gotta tell ya. Especially the second one... I wanted that Royal so bad.

I think the machine felt bad for me. :) That hand was another 100 bucks... woohoo!!

And that's my Vegas trip!!
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