Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

Jordy deserved her own entry. :) Happy birthday again, sweetheart!

But I did actually have other things to post about, too...

MegaCon was fun! Showed up early, did the dealers room, met Vic and got an autograph... it was good times, for me. I'm sorry to everyone who didn't have a good time, though. :(

I didn't get anything super exciting from there... got the Tsubasa artbook, though, which is cool, and a couple other things. Still, good times... haha.

But now, more importantly... I have finished season 1 of SG-1! I feel like this is an accomplishment. I made it through the first season, and I enjoyed it, which means the rest of the seasons should hopefully go even quicker. Only 9 more to go before Dragon*Con! ::facepalm:: (Let's not even talk about SGA, okay? Okay!)

I need icons... ::flails around::

In more exciting news, I went to Magic Kingdom last night! ♥. But while Magic Kingdom was fun and all, the real good thing about last night was going to the Contemporary... and finding a pin that was supposedly sold out forever ago. Score! I am very happy about this, since it's one I've been wanting... :D :D

ALSO. Happy Anniversary BtVS!

And I think that's it from me. :)
Tags: con report, disney, tv: sg-1

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