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Finally decided to do this icon meme... momebie chose the icons. :D

Icon Meme
~ Reply to this post, and I will pick four/five of your icons
~ Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
~ Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
~ This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

Lucivar Yaslana... he's from this book series called Black Jewels Trilogy, by Anne Biship. It's an amazing trilogy, and I love Lucivar... a LOT. There's no movie or tv show or anything, so when I said I wanted a Lucivar icon, barbed_whispers decided to be awesome for a day, found a random model, added the wings in (WINGS! How can I not love him?) and VOILA! Lucivar. :D It's also one of the icons I've had the longest, so getting rid of it would be really, really difficult.

ahaha, Randy. Every once in a while someone wants me to explain it, and it sounds crazy.
Okay, basically: Randy is this group of five girls who are all the same person. Me, barbed_whispers, and pancakekiller were the original members, but it expanded out to include simplykatie and sky_was_green, too.
And Randy is perfect. Bitchy, and perfect.
Also, Randy would KILL EACH OTHER if ever actually all in one place at one time. heh.

BWAHAHAHA What can I say? I love this icon, I think it's hilarious. 'I did your mom' ::snerk:: Add in the geeky bit about her being a muggle artifact, and it's hard not to love!
Pretty much, I'm 12, okay?

Oh lord... another Randy story. XD
HOKAY, to break it down... The members of Randy used to identify themselves by their aim icons. barbed_whispers was a bear in a tutu, simplykatie was a pink bikie... I was a tree. And since barbed_whispers likes to point out how I'm like Sam Winchester and emo... treemo. So, pretty much, it's making fun of me? But it makes me giggle, so I don't care!

First off, I love how four of the five chosen icons were made by barbed_whispers. Perhaps I rely on her too much for my icons?
... nah.
So, ever read the Lioness Quartet, by Tamora Pierce? Because it's really, really good. A girl who disguises herself as a boy to become a knight! Seriously, it's awesome.
However, there's this character... Jon. I HATE HIM! My rage is endless. Top 5 fictional characters I want to punch in the face? Jon is at least two of them, probably three. He's just the most... UGH I hate him so badly cvndjklsvnsnvkls.
But GEORGE on the other hand... GEORGE is amazing. A.MA.ZING. He is like... the perfect guy. And I love him!
So I want to be Alanna (the girl who becomes a knight) when I grow up! I want to live in her world. Oh, Tortall.
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