Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

Well. I tried to post through txt earlier, about how I must be going insane, because I was going to go see a horror movie (and I hate horror movies) just cause the lead actor is really fucking hot.

Since that didn't go through, I will post about how I just sat through the worst movie I have EVER paid money to see. It wasn't scary at all, and I am a fucking wuss, okay? It was boring, NOTHING HAPPENED, and I think it lasted like a million hours. I'm pretty sure there was some warp in the time-space continuum, because that definitely had to be longer than an hour and a half. Really.

Also, CLEARLY, someone should have called Bobby five minutes into the movie.

So basically, barbed_whispers isn't allowed to pick movies out for us for a while.

ETA: My bad. The movie: Shutter. Avoid at all costs. :P
Tags: friends: lisa, movies
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