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Okay, so this was awesome enough that I have to post about it.

I was having a sort of in-between day today. Just... a day, nothing really special. Aaaanyway, I went on break at work, and came back... exceptionally annoyed. Kind of ridiculously so, actually, considering what it was that annoyed me... which isn't the important part.

So I logged onto GTalk (like usual... heh. work? what's that?) and IMed marilla82, and she asked if I wanted her to bring me dinner, or chai, or a cute boy. Thinking she was joking, of course, I was like "haha, a chai actually sounds best out of those options."

This leads to her actually driving across town, buying me a chai, and bringing it to my workplace. And then, as an EXTRA SPECIAL surprise, she has a momebie in the passenger seat with her, who apparently decided that driving across town for all of twenty minutes of hang out time sounded like a good plan. !!!!!

This seriously made my life. Hung out for a little bit at work (again... work?! who does that?!) and chatted and... oh man, it just cheered me up SO MUCH. You two, really, I appreciate it TONS and omg I love you both like mad right now.

So basically: my friends are spectacular. :D :D
Tags: friends, good times, who wants to be ordinary?
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