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HOKAY I am back! The Hanson concert was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FUN. I seriously loved it a LOT. And I don't really care if most people on my flist will make fun of me for liking them, or for driving to South Carolina to see them, or whatever else, because the show was amazing and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Seriously.

So, Monday morning, imthelobster and I left for South Carolina, armed with a cooler full of food (well, sort of full), a full tank of gas, tickets and hotel registration, and clothes. In other words: everything we needed, lol. The drive was pretty uneventful. Long, but we expected that... we had good traffic for pretty much the entire way, which was really lucky/nice. There were some issues with mapquest being RETARDED and not telling us about turns and shit, and then with Myrtle Beach making NO sense with their numbering of streets, but we reached the hotel with no real problems.

The hotel was pretty nice. I mean, it wasn't a resort, but for the price? It was clean, the beds were comfortable, we had a mini-fridge and microwave (which I didn't expect), AND we had a side-view of the ocean. Oh yeah, we were staying right on the water. AWESOME. :D
Only real downside: they didn't offer internet access. My shiny new laptop didn't get to flex much. D: hahaha

Anyway, so Monday night: pretty uneventful. We went to eat at Fridays, came back and went down to the beach. vdbsnlvnlksvnlk I LOVE the beach at night, you guys. LOVE it. I rolled up my pants, intending to just wade to my ankles, and ended up getting soaked all the way up to my bum. It was seriously amazing. I miss the beach. :(


We lazed around the hotel room for the whole morning. Watched the acoustic DVDs that I have for Hanson, took showers... blah blah boring. Since I didn't have any 'net, imthelobster called her dad to find out when the walk was taking place. (THANK YOU elleren. I love you again. :D ) With that information in hand, we went. . . WAY too early. o.o heh

We ended up sitting out there waiting forever. We showed up probably an hour and a half early, and then they were about 30 minutes late coming out for the walk anyway. We didn't feel like pushing and shoving to be able to walk next to or near any of the boys, so we didn't -- however, when Taylor stopped to talk halfway through the walk we ended up standing really close to him. Dear god, all three of them are just as pretty in person -- maybe even prettier. Taylor has no right to be that hot. No person does. cnbdlsvnklsvlk.

One funny part, while he was talking about the walk and why they do it and all the serious stuff like that... he's in the middle of a sentence, and a drill starts going off. Taylor just stopped, turned slightly to where the sound was coming from, and was like: "And it's a drill." It was extra amusing when he started trying to talk again, and a plane flew low over all of us. The look on his face was just AWESOME. It was a look of "wtf I am trying to TALK here" or something and it was just SO FUNNY.

OKAY ANYWAY. Finished the walk. . . and ended up with blisters on my feet. Like, seriously. I burned my feet up real nice. They are BUBBLING, people. It is absolutely disgusting. Blegh.

So we got our hands stamped, and then. . . had to deal with the flat tire discovered on my car. UGH. I cannot even possibly explain how aggravating this was just at that moment. AND, I had left my purse in the hotel room like a RETARD and just shoved my ID and money and shit into my pocket, since I didn't want to be carrying a bag. So I didn't have my AAA card on me, so we had to call a cab to drive us to the hotel and back. The hotel was 10 miles down the road. Needless to say, not the cheapest cab ride ever, ugh.

Did that, but we didn't have time to call AAA before the concert, so when we got back to the venue we just got in line and decided we would call AAA afterwards. I have to admit, this made my mood go down considerably. I had my blistered feet, I was out for the cab fare, and based on how the flat looked I pretty much knew I was going to need a new tire, there was no way they were going to be able to patch it. So I was pretty pissy for the hour and a half or so that we were standing in line, waiting for doors to open.

HOWEVER, that mood went away the second we were inside. :D :D :D

The merch table was right inside the door, and there was no line when we walked in, so I went immediately there, and LOOK WHAT I GOT: A Georgia shirt OMG! I love it a lot. Also, I'm almost positive that Taylor was wearing this shirt during the concert, which makes it even better. omg I am getting flaily again just typing about all this :D :D :D :D :D :D

Hokay, so, for the record? We ended up with pretty much the best spots in the entire freaking place. We ended up standing right behind the box with the switchboards, with a perfect view of the middle of the stage, and not a single person in front of us. It was an awesome view of the stage, and we pretty much parked ourselves and did not move the entire night, lol. The people standing around us were cool, too, and we had a decent amount of personal space the whole time. It was awesome.

The first opening act, Kate Voegele, sounded really good. Personally, I don't think she had a lot of stage presence, but her music was good, so it was still totally enjoyable. The second opening act, however, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, was almost completely the opposite. Their music was a little eh for me, but they were so entertaining. I was laughing and clapping and having an excellent time the entire way through their set, which was awesome. For the second-to-last song, Isaac came out to sing with them. He started by bringing out a tray with a bottle hand-labeled "Moon Shine" and shot glasses for himself and the entire band, and they proceeded to take a shot together. It made much more sense during the chorus of the song, which included the line "You bring the cup and I'll bring the moonshine." Either way, it was AWESOME, and Isaac was very cool about being up there with them and it was just awesome all around.

AND THEN! After the longest set change OF MY LIFE, there was HANSON!!!!

Oh. My god. vcdsbvndsvnklsnvklsvksnk. SO MUCH LOVE. They are interactive with their audience and just generally awesome and YES. I especially loved:

1. Isaac's guitar solos in the middle of the stage.
2. Taylor running across the stage and then sliding back to his keyboard cndlsncvlks dude. that was hot.
3. Taylor's BOUNCING. boy can bounce.
4. Taylor standing on the amp to talk to everyone, hee.
5. Taylor kicking over his stool during one of the last songs, haha
6. Taylor telling the audience to shake their asses and then SHAKING HIS. seriously. like. <3!

(er, can you tell I love Taylor, just a bit?)

The set list:
1. Great Divide
2. Where's the Love
3. Runaway Run
4. Been There Before
5. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (cover -- OMG loved this one, too.)
6. Money (That's What I Want) - acoustic
7. Georgia - acoustic
8. I Will Come to You - acoustic
9. Yearbook - acoustic
10. Blue Sky
11. Minute Without You
12. Can't Stop
13. If Only
14. Running Man
15. Watch Over Me
16. Hey
17. MMMBop
18. Lost Without Each Other
19. Somethin Goin Round
20. Magic Carpet Ride
21. Great Divide A Capella

((snagged the set list from here. I think it sounds right; I can't remember anything different, anyway.))

There are just. . . no words for how much I loved this show. Every song was awesome, they sounded awesome, the audience was awesome, it was just COMPLETELY amazing. I didn't even notice how much my feet hurt or how much I was killing my voice or anything. It was just so, so good. vdsvnkds. I can't even describe it properly. Just... yes.

After the show, it took a little while for imthelobster and I to come down off of the extreme high, hahaha. Eventually had to, though, and after working to be able to talk (you can ask her, I seriously barely could for a bit) I called AAA. It took them about an hour to get out to us. Considering the amount of time I've had to wait previously, not too bad. Got the spare on, got back to the hotel, crashed.

Wednesday, coming home. We woke up and got checked out of the hotel without a hitch. Getting a new tire was LAME, but we went down to the Wal*Mart and it only ended up taking like 20 minutes. Thank god for not being in Orlando, I suppose, since there was no wait. After that it was on the road... the drive, again, was pretty uneventful, except for mapquest being a douche and not warning for weird road turns and shit. haha. Traffic wasn't bad at all, though, and even though we got a late start, we made good time.

AND NOW I AM HOME. My feet hurt like a bitch still, but I don't even care. I would drive out of state to see them again in a heartbeat. It was just fucking amazing. SO SO GLAD that we went. :D
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