Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

I'm in the middle of rereading Weather Warden right now. For as much as I talk about and discuss these books with barbed_whispers and simplykatie, sometimes I forget about how much I love this series until I'm rereading it again. My love of these books defies all laws of rationality, I swear.

But... as much as I love the books overall... and as much as I fangirl over pretty much anything... *spoiler* the kiss in Windfall?! THE OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOU MIGHT DIE AND I CAN'T HELP BUT KISS YOU Lewis/Jo kiss?! cnsdjklcvnklsdnvlksnklvnskl INCOHERANT FANGIRL, I SWEAR TO GOD. Just. There is so much tension and want and dsbnjlvnslknvlnvl YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Just. Yes. So much yes that it hurts, oh my god. */spoiler*

Gale Force is going to be out soon, and I seriously just CANNOT WAIT. Even while being worried about certain things (and twisting them into my own personal, screwed up canon, bwahaha) I am just getting ridiculously bouncy and excited for this book. ::flails around::

And it's only like 3 weeks away now! Less than a month! YAY!!

IN COMPLETELY SEPARATE BUT ALSO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITING NEWS, the fall tour dates for Hanson are out today!!!
I'm definitely doing the 10/9 show in Orlando, obviously, but I'm also seriously considering the 10/6 show in Atlanta and the 10/7 show in Birmingham. Like. Seriously.
(Actually, I'm SERIOUSLY wanting to do the Walk Bus but OH GOD WHY AM I SO POOR?! I might like... I don't know. GIVE UP EVERYTHING EVER, INCLUDING FOOD and try to do it anyway. Except I don't think I could afford it even then vnsljkvnskdlvn WHYYYYYYYYY?!)
Tags: books: weather warden, music: hanson
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