Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

I just signed into aim express from work (shhh) and came to the immediate conclusion that I need to clean out my buddy list. I have people on there that I haven't talked to in years. Screennames I'm not even sure exist anymore, actually. heh.

But anyway, life is good!

I am (mostly) moved into the house with barbed_whispers and imthelobster, yaaaaay! I still need to unpack, and clean the apartment out, and etc yadda yadda boring, but... house! yay! AND the washer got hooked up today so I can ACTUALLY DO LAUNDRY, thank god.

PLUS PLUS PLUS. I am talking to simplykatie right now WHO I HAVE MISSED TIMES A BAJILLION. <333 (I really should work on txting you more often... that, I could do. heh.)

Most important fact in my life at the current moment: right now, I am happy. :) (okay, so that's a sort of vague most important fact, since ACTUALLY the most important fact is WHY I am happy, but you know. Whatever works!)

Also, apparently I am bouncy and randomly hyper tonight. WHERE DID ALL THIS ENERGY COME FROM?
Tags: brighter than sunshine, family: james, friends: katia, friends: lisa, random
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