Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

1. Had an awesome time last night, despite being made to get onto a stage and sing. :P I ♥ my friends. A lot.

2. I cut my hair! It is super short now, but I like it a lot. Almost everyone who's seen it agrees, so yay! It was a scary amount of hair on the ground when the cutting took place though, lol. ALSO ALSO I CAME TO A REALIZATION LAST NIGHT. When my hair isn't gel-ified and cute looking, I HAVE A PUFF. A JOHN GREEN PUFF. I REALLY, REALLY DO.

I am way more excited about this than I probably should be. :D :D :D

3. Have I mentioned that I am attempting NaNo again this year? I think I am probably very stupid, but that's how I roll. However, using google docs and writing at work helps a lot. I'm at 5013 currently, if you were wondering, and I haven't written a single word yet today, so. Woo for that?
Tags: books: john green, friends, nano

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