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My mom has been very upset that it is, apparently, 'blizzarding' in Ohio. I have no idea what her idea of a blizzard is, but thankfully, as imthelobster and I do not live in Canada (:P haha) I do not have to worry about snow! :D However, it is cooling down quite nicely and I'm enjoying that. <3

You guys. I'm feeling all... ugh. I want to paint! The walls! Like a real home or something! And decorate. And... and. What is up with that? Silly.

I am ♥ing Wrath of the Lich King so far. It's slightly annoying how crowded everything is, but... whatevs. I wish I wasn't at work so I could be playing. :( sad times.

Other random things: I still don't like the new user info but I'm getting somewhat used to it, and I tweaked my journal a little bit today... probably not done tweaking, but it's something, for now.
Tags: brighter than sunshine, lj, who wants to be ordinary?, wow

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