Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

My life, you guys.

Hokay, so, let's go over my day yesterday:

I woke up and played WoW. Dinged 79. >.> Best part of my day rofl.

Had to work from 3-6 for a coworker... mind, not getting paid overtime (which those hours were) which, uhm... sucks. Yep, that's the word I'm going for. >:|

So okay, whatever. Finished at work and went to the work Christmas party. Woo? It was okay... about what you'd expect from a work party, lol. But there was a lot of food, so that was okay. We played a gift exchange game and I left with a $10 gift card to panera (and imthelobster got a $10 gift card to barnes & noble) so that worked. Also got a gift from the clinic... another panera gift card and a target gift card. Worth going to the party :P


Left the party and was driving home... and my tire blew out on the 408. vdbjsknvjks. I'm okay, the car is fine (other than, obviously, the tire) and I managed to get off the road and into the median without any further incident... but it freaked me RIGHT the fuck out. Yeah. I kind of panicked for a little. :/

So I call imthelobster and have her turn around and come back to me, and discover that my AAA membership had expired... uh, oops? Call her aunt to see if she could put on my donut (lord knows I have no idea how to do it) and so she comes out, cause she's awesome, only to inform me that one of my lug nuts is broken and a bolt is stuck or... something to that extent? In any case, tire can't be taken off without tools that she does not have. EXCELLENT.

Cue having to call someone else to use his AAA membership to call a tow truck out. Thank god people are nice and come to help, huh? So we wait around for a two truck, it finally comes, gets my car on fine and drives away...

And imthelobster's car won't start. W.T.F. Neither car still sitting there had jumper cables in the car. So we run to Wal*Mart to get freaking jumper cables, while the tow truck guy is calling bitching at me about why aren't we following and I'm wasting his money and OMG dude, I seriously did not ask the car to NOT START WTF.

Ugh, at least her car started without any real trouble, so we finally get going, get my car towed to a Meineke, and get freaking HOME to we can pass out.

Cue today... I woke up early so I could call my dad to hopefully help me out. Meineke took close to SIX. HOURS. to replace a freaking tire. Six hours! Granted they did a little bit of other work, too, but it was the tire we were waiting on. Apparently they had to order it from somewhere and have a truck bring it over. So I was late to work by about 2 hours... just a few days before christmas, which they SOOO appreciated.

I feel so ridiculous right now.
Tags: family, family: james, this shit is bananas, work

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