Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

I never seem to post anymore. :(

I am kind of obsessed with WoW right now. >.> I know I go through obsessions like crazy sometimes, but... man, I love this game. I love my mage who just went arcane and it is BEAUTIFUL, and I love my baby priest who MELTS FACES, and I love my guild, and I love raiding and heroics, and the inappropriately named dailies, and achievements oh LORD, and just... gah. There's so much to do and it's so much fun and, honestly? I love the break from life. I just really do.

My mage is in all tier 7 and our guild cleared all of Naxx25 in one night this past week, downed Sarth with two drakes (even though I missed that night because of work, sigh) and isn't even raiding the third night this week because... everything is cleared. I think that's awesome, honestly. Everyone's been running around doing achievements, and hopefully I'll be Elder Athra by the end of the week, weeeeee. It'll be my first title, actually. :)

...I wish I was at home and not at work so I could post some screenshots too, haha.

RAAR. I haven't been doing much outside of work and wow, and spending time with imthelobster. >.> I guess that makes my life kind of boring? But honestly I love it right now... I'm okay with boring, that's better than being ridiculous and full of drama and hard... it's a good place.

OH and we're planning a trip to VT to see imthelobster's family, which I'm really excited about! Nervous... but excited! ROAD TRIIIIP... and a week off of work, oh my LORD I am so excited for some time off of work haha. It'll be awesome.

Tags: brighter than sunshine, family: james, wow

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