Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

My stomach does not feel well today. :(
I think it's because of the coffee I had. I should've known better, honestly.

Created a comm at Dreamwidth. getaway_machine. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, and I admit I snagged it because, even though I changed my username on this site, I didn't want anyone else to have it, either. >.> What can I say?
I may use it for pictures, or something? If I actually start taking pictures again, heh. Which I should, so who knows?

On a random aside, I want more interesting tags on dreamwidth than I have on lj. meh.


In a development that will be a shock to very few, I've been playing a lot of WoW lately. Guild is progressing through the new raid content, which is awesome. And I got my croc pet yesterday! WOOOHOOOOO! I've only been trying for that thing for months now. And the Argent tournament is so much fun. Hey, weesaw! I get to be a knight! So there :P :P

Now if only I could get that sea turtle to appear...

I dunno. WoW is a good escape from the real world for me, and I'm still enjoying it a lot. Usually I lose interest in games pretty quickly, but I think WoW keeps mine because it keeps changing, and because I'm interacting with other people, not just a computer game.

I guess in a lot of ways it's just another part of the internet to be addicted to. Lord knows I've been addicted to some part of the internet or another since I was, what, eleven years old? A damn long time, now.


So, they installed Sonic Wall at work, to help with virus protection (since on of the computers here is completely fried with viruses) and to block a bunch of websites. When the boss left today I decided to see what I could get to and what I couldn't... LJ works, Dreamwidth works, my email works, guild website works, twitter works... Facebook and MySpace have definitely been blocked, but I never use MySpace and only rarely use Facebook, so I'm pretty set. I know BossMan said he wasn't done with the settings on it, but still, seems like it won't be too bad.
The other girls at work are crying over the loss of Facebook though, hahaha.


Getting back into the groove of actually journaling is strange. I think I like it, though. :)

Gonna try crossposting this over to le olde eljay, and see how that works out. ::crosses fingers::
Tags: dreamwidth, not always right, world of warcrack

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