Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

This roof crap has turned into an even bigger pain in the ass than originally anticipated -- and considering I am replacing the whole frickin roof, I anticipated a lot. We decided to go with the first guy who gave us an estimate (we got three), cause it seemed pretty straightforward... until his boss came out to give us a new estimate, $350 more than the original. To cover "wood costs". WTF. First of all, we were told it was included in the first estimate ANYWAY, and second of all, just no. No way does wood cost that much, even if the whole roof needs it. Ugh, I hate people trying to screw me.

Anyway, I got another guy called up, and he came by today to give me the formal written estimate and whatnot. Magically, it matches what he originally told me! Wow, what a concept. Anyway, we're going with really light shingles, and the work should actually be started early next week. Thank God... and I'm sure imthelobster will be ridiculously happy to have his office back.

In better and more exciting news, imthelobster and I are going away to the beach this weekend, to celebrate our two year anniversary. ♥ I feel really lucky to be with him, you guys. I'm so looking forward to this weekend away, too... just away from work, and this house, and everything, and we can just relax and have some fun together and not worry about anything for a little bit. I really need it; I think we both do.
Tags: brighter than sunshine, omghouse

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