Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

My mom came over today to provide me with some motivation, and she and I just got done with a huge cleaning/organizing spree. I still had so much crap in boxes just sitting around the house, and now, finally, after more than a year of living here, no more boxes!
My books aren't really fully organized, just put up on the shelves, which is going to drive me absolutely bonkers, but I'll have to fix them later since right now I don't even want to think about organizing, haha.

Still, I'm really happy about this, because it looks more like we actually live here, instead of like we're perpetually moving. I can't wait for imthelobster to get home from school and see the house :)

ETA: barbed_whispers is a jerk who complained about my update being too boring, so I will include a bit of adorableness (WHICH IS WAY MORE ADORABLE THAN barbed_whispers, OKAY?!):

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