Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, whatever you celebrate :)

My Christmas was really good. A little weird, since imthelobster is up north visiting family, but I did my thing with my dad and stepmom on Christmas Eve, and then had Christmas morning with my mom. The food is almost the best part, haha. On Christmas Eve we always do a fondue, which is all kinds of excellent, and my dad made twice-baked sweet potatoes to go with it this year, which were amazing. And then for breakfast Christmas morning, my mom did biscuits and sausage gravy, mmm... and then we had a more 'traditional' Christmas dinner (turkey and all the fixings)... and of course I came home with tons of homemade baked goods, courtesy of both my mom and stepmom. No wonder I'm so fat ;)

I didn't ask for very much this year, so I got everything I asked for, which was good... the one thing I'm excited about, though, is something I didn't even think to ask for: money to buy seasonal passes to Universal!!! Apparently I mentioned on Thanksgiving that I hadn't been to see Hogsmeade yet, which is a TRAGEDY, and my stepmom remembered and gave us the money for both imthelobster and I :D :D :D We've decided not to spring the extra for the annual pass, I think we're both happy just to be able to have the seasonal.

And also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to both imthelobster and dragonmountborn :D :D
Tags: birthday!, books: harry potter, holiday

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