Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

The job hunt marches on...

But besides that!

I've been rereading the Tortall books lately. Why are the Daine books so booooring? Trying to get through the third one now, and the boringboringboring fourth one... but then there's Kel books waiting for me at the end of that, which makes it worth it, kind of. Skipping them would mean this wasn't a true reread, right? Do I care? Bah.

Once I finish those, though, I think I'm going to revisit my reread of the Song of Ice and Fire series. Is anyone watching the Game of Thrones tv show? I've only seen the first episode so far, but I liked it a lot, and want to continue asap. I'll have more ~thoughts~ once I see more, but whether or not I'll remember to post them on livejournal is up in the air.
Hey, does the tv show mean a real fandom might pop up for this series? This has potential... I haven't really fandomed anything in a while. Hmm.

Okay, this boring entry was brought to you by barbed_whispers and the LJ nudge feature.

Oh! Any White Collar fans, you need to be reading Exquisite by copperbadge if you aren't already. You're welcome!
Tags: books: alanna, books: asoiaf, tv: white collar

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