Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

I got my first ever tattoo today! I am SUPER, SUPER, SUPER pleased with it!

imthelobster made my tattoo my birthday gift, which was awesomeeee. So I did a little bit of asking around, along with some google searching for reviews and such, and decided to go and check out Orlando Tattoo Company. They're close to home, and also had really good reviews in the places I looked. When I went there, the guys there were super nice... made me feel totally comfortable and such.

So the tattoo artist that did mine was Johnny, and he worked with me on the wings and the positioning on my wrist. He was sooo funny, but also super professional, and made me feel relaxed, distracting me from, you know, the pain. >.> Which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, actually! But anyway, he was awesome, and he did a fantastic job. Yeah the tattoo is small and simple and whatever, but the wings are detailed and sharp looking, and the comma is all nice and filled in and I didn't/haven't noticed any areas where it's not solid black looking. (Also, he said if it fades or loses ink from healing, he'd touch it up for free, so, yay!)

Anyway, the point: he rocked and the place rocked, the price was good, and when I eventually get the one on my foot I'll be going back there, provided I'm still in Orlando at the time. :)

And now what you really care about, the picture:

Tags: birthday!, who wants to be ordinary?

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