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Lies of Locke Lamora: Read Along Part 2

A day late and a dollar short, but whatever, at least I'm posting this now! And I never did post for the first week, but that's okay; as barbed_whispers has pointed out to me, and for once she's totally right, these questions are kind of hard if you've read the books and are trying not to be spoilery.

But anyway:

1) Do you think Locke can pull off his scheme of playing a Midnighter who is working with Don Salvara to capture the Thorn of Camorr? I mean, he is now playing two roles in this game - and thank goodness for that costume room the Gentlemen Bastards have!
No. Clearly Locke sucks. God, how is he even still alive and not been hanged yet?! Silly Locke.

But seriously, the costume room is awesome. The whole damn cellar is awesome. The boys are awesome. I AM NOT COHERENT BJCBNKJBNKJFNLKNDL THE BASTARDS, I LOVE THEM ALLLLLLL.

Also, there's got to be a merman costume in there somewhere for Jean. Obviously.

2) Are you digging the detail the author has put into the alcoholic drinks in this story?
I dig all of the details that Scott Lynch put into these books, up to and including alcoholic drinks. He manages to do it without droning on about the details, and yet they make the whole book really come alive. I mean, I am definitely a character-over-setting type of a reader, because the setting can be the most interesting thing in the world, but if the characters are flat, who cares? But when an author can do both effectively, it really gets me. Camorr is just as alive to me in this book as the characters are, and I love that.

3) Who is this mysterious lady Gentlemen Bastard Sabetha and what does she mean to Locke?
I have SO MANY feelings about Sabetha, mostly spawned by barbed_whispers. I think she is, was, and always will be the most important thing in Locke's life -- even more important than cons, but let's be honest, Sabetha AND cons, and Locke would be pretty much riding orgasms forever.

And also, this is one of the many reasons Locke/Jean is just wrong. I mean, yes, I can see Locke being bisexual, or at least leaning that way -- but, really. Sabetha is it, so that doesn't even matter.

(Also I don't see Jean leaning that way at all, really. He's completely hetero in my brain.)
BUT ANYWAY, SABETHA. Yes. I can't wait to meet her for real -- as much as I tease barbed_whispers about it, I do believe she will be just as awesome as advertised.

4) Are you as creeped out over the use of Wraithstone to create Gentled animals as I am?
Yes. God, yes.

5) I got a kick out of child Locke's first meeting with Capa Barsavi and his daughter Nazca, which was shortly followed up in the story by Barsavi granting adult Locke permission to court his daughter! Where do you think that will lead? Can you see these two together?
I fucking love Nazca, and it hurtsssss.
But: see, Sabetha. No, I couldn't ever imagine Locke and Nazca together that way.

6) Capa Barsavi is freaked out over rumors of The Gray King and, in fact, we as readers are privy to a gruesome torture scene. The Gray King is knocking garristas off left and right. What do you think that means?
yeah. I'm not bitter. ><

7) In the Interlude: The Boy Who Cried for a Corpse, we learn that Father Chains owes an alchemist a favor, and that favor is a fresh corpse. He sets the boys to figuring out how to provide one, and they can't 'create' the corpse themselves. How did you like Locke's solution to this conundrum?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Seriously, Locke is just fucking brilliant, and the extra bit he pulls at the end is just do much fun. He's such a sneaky little bastard... hell, they're all such sneaky little bastards, and I think it's perfect. And I LOVELOVELOVE seeing him and the twins really working together for the first time, and how smooth it is, right from the start.
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