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Lies of Locke Lamora Read Along: Part 3

Part 3, which means... I have to read the rest of the book.......

Okay not focusing on that! Focusing on this weeks questions,

1. This section is where we finally get to sneak a peek at the magic in The Gentleman Bastards books. From what we read, what are your initial impressions of the magic Lynch is using? Is there any way that Locke and Company would be able to get around the Bondsmage's powers?

I really like the way he does magic in these books. Like that surprises anyone, since I like the way he does EVERYTHING in these books :P

But, there's always a way to get around someones power, no matter how powerful it may seem. Ruins the story if there isn't :P

2. Not a question, but an area for rampant speculation: If you want to take a stab at who you think the Grey King might be, feel free to do it here.

A question I can't answer! But to be honest, the first time I was reading this book, I don't recall having an actual guess. I was pretty much clueless.

2.5 (since 2 wasn't really a question) Anyone see the Nazca thing coming? Anyone? Do you think there are more crazy turns like this in store for the book? Would you like to speculate about them here? (yes, yes you would)

Well, speculation I can't do without being spoilery, but again answering from what I remember from the first time I read this: I did not see Nazca's death coming at all. And it depresses me just as much every single time, because she's awesome, and then she's gone, and just, WHYYYY.

3. When Locke says "Nice bird, arsehole," I lose it. EVERY TIME. And not just because I have the UK version of the book and the word arsehole is funnier than asshole. Have there been any other places in the books so far where you found yourself laughing out loud, or giggling like a crazy person on the subway?

That line was the subject for the emails between barbed_whispers and I this week! And why? Because it is amazing. I love a LOT of the dialogue in this book, because the gentlemen bastards are such shits and it's hilarious, but seriously this line in particular makes me laugh every single time. (and then later too, with the 'he didn't like that', but I SUPPOSE WE WILL GET THERE).

But seriously, I don't read this book in public places. That would just be a horrible idea, because my emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

4. By the end of this reading section, have your opinions changed about how clever the Bastards are? Do you still feel like they're "cleverer than all the rest?" Or have they been decidedly outplayed by the Grey King and his Bondsmage?

No, they are still cleverer than all the rest. Being clever doesn't always mean you keep yourself out of trouble all the time... it means when that trouble comes you figure your way out of it anyway, or something like that. Besides, how much time did it take for the Grey King to figure out how to play them? And how much time have THEY had? And with the Bondsmage giving a significant advantage to the Grey King, it's just one of those things.... for the moment.

5. I imagine that you've probably read ahead, since this was a huge cliffhanger of an ending for the "present" storyline, but I'll ask this anyway: Where do you see the story going from here, now that the Grey King is thought to be dead?

Oh god I can't even. My feelings are about to explode.

6. What do you think of the characters Scott Lynch has given us so far? Are they believable? Real? Fleshed out? If not, what are they lacking?

Seriously, I don't think this book lacks anything. I mean, if I really think about it, Nazca only actually gets two scenes, once as a child and once as an adult, and yet she is so real and well done that her death is super, super painful. That is impressive. And that doesn't even touch on Sabetha, who has NO scenes, and yet barbed_whispers and I spend a ridiculous amount of time talking about her.

Plus I love that his characters all have their strengths, of course... but they all have very obvious weaknesses, too, which I think is important. I think I've seen some people say that some of the strengths are too much... but when you consider the years and years and years of training that Chains put the boys through, I don't think it's too much at all.

7. Now that you've seen how clever Chains is about his "apprenticeships," why do you think he's doing all of this? Does he have an endgame in sight? Is there a goal he wants them to achieve, or is it something more emotional like revenge?

I've actually never considered a revenge angle on it, and I just don't see it. I also don't know that there's a specific end game -- I always just thought that he gets a kick out of stealing shit, getting away with shit he shouldn't be able to get away with, and that he got old and fat and a bit lonely, and so adopted some kids who were too clever for their own goods and showed them how to use that.
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