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So momebie is kind of evil, and keeps posting Jefferson/August things, which is so easy to love, because I love Jefferson a lot. Because, you know, I have a thing for angsty boys, I can't help it! And also because I really love this show, but until this ship I wasn't sure I could fandom it hardcore... I love Rumple, and I like Rumble/Belle, but it's not something I would fandom. I love Regina, but all the people shipping her with Emma are a little bit crazy, okay? And I like Snow and James, but oh my GOD does David piss me off, and also I like them in the context of the show, but probably not so much as something I would fandom, so WHATEVER.

So I was thinking about Jefferson/August tonight at work (like you do, when you hate work and are giving in to the inevitable) and I was thinking about how it's hot and all when they're together, and I like the ship and all, but man, I also really like the idea of Jefferson just kind of adding August in as more angst to his life as one more thing he can't have or whatever, because you know HE NEEDS MORE OF THAT, and also because I also really like the August/Bae stuff that momebie has written, and then I had to stop thinking about it because I am not writing and arghhhh.

(also why the fuck can I not find any good Jefferson icons, I will have to do some more hardcore searching later.)

This of course led me to thinking about Remus and Sirius, because that ALWAYS HAPPENS, because they will never stop being my home in fandom, and how I was drafting a fic for them in my head the other night, and considering actually writing it for once, and somehow this led me to thinking about next gen and I don't know how the fuck THAT happened, and then I had this crazy idea for a next gen fic, but I DO NOT WRITE NEXT GEN, and I know nothing about the typical next gen anything because I have never read or dabbled or whatever in next gen at all, and yet I still kind of want to write this stupid thing, and WHAT IS MY LIFE, YOU GUYS.

But more on the Remus/Sirius fic, because that is the most likely to happen: I kind of want to make it a 5 Times fic, because I like 5 Times/Things fics in general, and also because I think it would work well as one, except that I would have to figure out a fifth 'time' because I only have 4 right now, but ALSO I feel like it would be lazy to write it in that format in this particular case, and I should probably try to actually frame a story together, but I do like being lazy in general, and I just don't knoooooow.

Also, if you can't tell, I am very ramble-y and not completely coherent just at the moment, so I should probably wait to write ANYTHING until I can string sentences together properly again, but you know, whatever. These things are eating my brain and this has not happened in a while, and I KIND OF LIKE IT.
Tags: books: harry potter, tv: once upon a time

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