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I'm bored and I'm sick and I'm pissed off. So ...

Stole this from barbed_whispers, though a lot of people on my friends list have done this by now.

1. Why did you choose the background color/image you have?

I don't know. I needed a change, I had a different one up for a long time. Illyria is damn cool, and I really like the colors in this. saava made it.

2. Why is your toolbar is where it is?

Because that's where toolbars go? Putting it somewhere else would just be ... odd.

3. Why are the choices on your toolbar are present?

aol, because ... I'm online. heh. LimeWire because I download more music than is healthy. And Adobe Photoshop because I love making graphics, and I'm trying to get some inspiration today.

4. What are the desktop icons?

Recycle Bin and My Computer. I used to have a shitload of them, until I realized that I never use them ... ever. I only ever use the programs through my start bar, so ... yeah.
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