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my post-movie rant ... ish.

First of all, I liked the movie. A lot more than I expected to, in fact, especially after barbed_whispers post about it.

Second of all, I need to get my inner fangirl out of the way now: EEEEEEEEEEEHARRY/DRACOOTPOMGLOLSQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!
[Seriously. Every scene of them together? SEXXX.]

That said, I hated Lupin. Absolutely, 100% despised him, and I don't think that anyone will ever be able to change my mind. And that hurts a lot, considering how much I love the character in the books, and especially after discovering how much I love to write him in fanfic. But the casting was awful and ... just, bad. Badbadbad.

Sirius I did not hate, but I didn't love him, either. I think that he could have been casted better, but Gary Oldman did a good job with the part, so it's not a big thing.

Liked the Knight Bus a lot. Really a lot.

Draco's note to Harry was the best.thing.ever. [Sorry, fangirl showing up again. I can't help it, it's Draco's fault for being so damn gay this entire movie!]

Oh,oh. And Snape calling Remus and Sirius and old married couple. Squee!

R/Hr forever, and I still cannot for the life of me see why people ship Harry/Hermione. It just isn't right.

The Marauders map looked very cool, but everything about it was just handled wrong. I hated, hated, HATED that they did not explain who Moony [and why the hell did they spell it Mooney?] Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are. Or why Harry's Patronus is a stag, or the long history of animosity between Snape and the Marauders [although you could feel that in the Shrieking Shack scene], or, hell, even that James was an animagus as well. If nothing else ... "Hey, Remus, how do you know it's a map?" HELLO, Harry. Oh. Oh. And now Sirius wasn't secret keeper, he was just someone who knew where the house was? That didn't bother me as much as everything else, but ... blah.

There were a lot of little things I would have liked to have seen, but can understand why they were cut. The wedding pictures, for one. But things always have to be cut from a movie, and I understand that, so yeah..

The Remus/Lily vibes going on were really quite scary.

Uh. Forget his name, but I really liked the new Dumbledore.

Hated the werewolf. Just ... no.

Really disliked the way the Patronus was done. It wasn't even close to how I saw it in my head.

As much as I love Draco, the scene where Hermione hit him was particularly satisfying. Go, Hermione.

Okay, what else... Ron had the cutest scenes, ever. That one with him sleep talking? Hee! Oh, Ron.

In other news, I'm having real issues deciding who my favorite character is, overall. When I reread POA, Remus shot up there like whoa. And I was really thinking that maybe he'd just become my favorite character overall ... except for Snape, possibly, who completely stole me in OotP. Then again, after seeing the POA movie, Draco is climbing his way back up there again.

Bah. I love them all, dammit.

Uh. I know there's more stuff I wanted to say, but my mind has gone blank. So I think I may be done.

This movie has given me plot bunnies that will last me for quite a while. Lisa? I'm sorry. Heh.


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