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I reached my open window limit in AOL earlier. Who knew? Heh. That's what fandom will do to you. Seriously. HARRY POTTER HAS EATEN MY SOUL.

I updated the fic rec list earlier, but I just have to rec this fic here: The House by Amalin. It's so sharp, painful, and beautiful and it just ... guh. It's one of those that makes me never want to write again, because holy shit.

[I added some other stuff to the rec list, you should still check it out. More soon, hopefully, as soon as I get around to it.]

I am feeling so very geeky right now. Need. More. Fic! haha.

super seekret message to lisa and/or katie!
Did you ever get a cgi-tagboard to work? If so, could you please send me to the site you got it from, if you still have it? I want one on Boxing Clever like whoa, but it keeps kicking my ass. I know I got one to work on one of my old sites, but I lost the files and the site I got it from. It's pissing me off.

ETA: I give up. Read everything by Amalin. [Okay, so I haven't read all of it, but what I have read it so good it makes me want to die. Or something.]

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